Solid Bar Line 275mm

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The SBL275 is a small scale semi-automatic line for manual feeding and demoulding of the moulds and for customer who wants to start manufacturing unfilled chocolate or compound products at a small scale. After manual adding the moulds, the moulds are preheated and filled. A vibrating section and a two zone cooling cabinet are installed at the end of the line, where-after the operator takes manually away the mould for manual demoulding. Böhnke & Luckau can add also an automatic demoulding section optionally, depending on demand.






Technical data

Power supply : 400 Volt, 3 phase, 50 Hz
Colour : RAL 9007 stainless steel
Mould size : 275 x 175/205 mm
Layout : Inline
Capacity : up to 15 - 22 mould/min.
Output : up to 500kg/h
Length : approx. 15 - 20m